How 90 minutes of hot yoga summed up my year for me…

She said in a stern but comforting tone, “Switch… reverse out of it”. A wave of sum shit (still not sure what it was) went up my spine and something clicked as I reversed my body out of eagle pose back into neutral. If there is anything this year has taught me, it is that simple phrase… switch, reverse.


As soon as it gets cold out I start to crave the driest, most unbearable heat… So, I picked up hot yoga as a winter hobby about 4 years ago. It is exactly what it sounds like too, half naked people in a hot ass room stretching and deep breathing in unison like a sweaty symphony. During the pandemic life was lifing so I skipped the 2 last winters and started back up this week, 2 years since my last class. And boy oh boy did I have some major downloads during my first class back. You will see me talk a lot about downloads in future blogs but for short… downloads are messages of support, clarity & guidance from your higher self.

There is something that happens intrinsically when hearing the word “switch” over and over again for 90 minutes and watching the entire room move almost immediately. How many times have you had to make an immediate shift in your life this year? Maybe you had to switch friend groups, jobs, houses. I did all 3 this year and it drained me…

(Back to Hot Yoga) As the class got harder the switches started to collectively lag and some people even left in between switches because it simply got too hard for them. We are seeing this lived out in our world as suicide rates are rising daily and we as a society are tired, often times, lagging from day to day.

You see, “switch” haunted me this year… she literally beat me with a baseball bat until I was bloodied and bruised. It felt as though just as I was getting used to a certain way of life, here comes switch with her hatin’ ass ready to fug some shit up. And switch had absolutely NO finesse about it either– violent, abrupt and disrespectful AF. As a matter of fact, she even made her way into my hot yoga class to remind me of just how difficult life has been this year. Which is why what came next was and is always needed.


Every true yogi knows that being able to contort your body into complex yoga poses means absolutely nothing if you cannot release the pose with control. During this hot yoga class I picked up on that dogma pretty quickly as the instructor made the command to reverse out of poses in this beautiful rhythmic nature, syncing up with the music. If you flopped your body out of a pose instead of slowly and consciously peeling back into neutral before the next pose you looked crazy first of all, but furthermore you would lose your balance and fall completely out of your zen/flow. I also learned quickly that the same amount of strength, flexibility and agility it took to get in the pose is the same exact amount that is needed to reverse out of it. And… ain’t that life.

Until 2 weeks! XOXO Regilynn Se’Mae ❤

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