The word mother evokes a different emotion in everyone. This month is often associsated with the celebration of Mothers everywhere. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month.

Women experience depression at rates twice that of men. But Black women are only half as likely to seek care as White women.

Early on in my business journey I stopped running advertisements and specials around holidays like Mother’s Day for two reasons…

From a solopenuer stand point, I never wanted to be seen or thought of as a “holiday esthetician” that is what hand and stone is for (no shade). More importantly, however, I realized that I was already servicing many women who felt motherless due to loss or life’s circumstances. To me, motherhood is synonymous with womanhood. Whether you have given birth biologically, spiritually, emotionally— women are the carriers of life in all forms.

With this comes hills and valleys, highs and lows! What is constant however is our need to explore, name, and feel our emotions through both of these times when and wherever they arise.

For the month of May I am going to be doing some things a bit differently at the spa… This whole month is dedicated to nurturing ourselves through the exploration of the inner child.

May’s Featured Product

Pointed/Rough Pink Jasper- A stone of self love & empowerment. Get yours now>>>

Many people ask me what do I do with my stones and there is no one answer. I was that child that collected rocks and displayed them in my room. There were sometimes however those special rocks I would keep tucked away. Even as a child I felt the connection to nature and the healing powers something as small as a stone can have on the body. Today to nurture the child in me I collect stones that carry metaphysical properties. You can find these on my person in the form of necklaces, rings and earrings. You may also see stones throughout my home and business!

May’s Service Raffle

This month we are raffling off an enzyme peel series valued at $675! I decided to raffle this service off because it was my most inquired about services for the month of April. The results for those that have went through the series have been miraculous!!!!! I have studied and taken classes with Michelle Obama’s Whitehouse Esthetician, JoElle Lee. My training at Elaine Sterling Institute also supports my final theory that enzymes work best of darker skin. This series will not harm your skin but rather get it healthy enough to glow on it’s own!

May’s Guided Mediation

“We are going to begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths.

Taking a little bit longer on the out-breath, letting the body completely release and relax on the exhalation.

Now I want you to follow the flow of the breath as it moves through your body. Not trying to alter the flow, just letting it move easily and freely through the body.

Take a moment to call yourself back from where ever you have been during the day. Draw your energies back home to your center. Bringing mind, body, and energy into the here and now.

Allow your mind to empty what it no longer needs to hold on to, let it go, flow out and away. And allow your body to release what it no longer needs to hold on to, letting it flow out and away.

We will do a short guided relaxation to remove any resistance and move the body into a place of deep calm….”

Last Month’s Private Event

It was like being in a room full of love.

It felt like a warm hug.

It was unexplainable— a “you just had to be there” kind of night.

But @mz_jezzica_rabbit  did a brilliant job of capturing moments that you can feel through photography! 🔥✨

I stopped throwing events for the sake of throwing events in 2019– I personally never liked large groups of people to begin with. To me, large groups can scare off the shy people, those labeled “weird” or to themselves. Those NOT in the “in crowd”— those are typically my people…

This evening, in everyone’s intro there was a common statement and feeling… introspection. Going inward takes a different kind of isolation. One that many won’t actually understand. 

It’s also necessary to create a community around you that does get it! 

Thank you to everyone that said yes to this first of many sister circles at There She Glows! 

May’s There She Glows Spotify Playlist

Featuring artist such as Cleo Sol, Beautiful Chorus, Iniko & More… Enjoy!

May’s Multi-City Facial Pop Up (Philadelphia)

First it was New York… Next up, I will be in Philadelphia on Saturday March 28, 2022 taking facial appointments– RSVP Coming Soon!

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