A Local Black-Owned Spa Giving Women of Color Confidence with Skincare and a Red Lip!

Regilynn Haywood is a 27 year old, 2nd Generation Black Beauty Business Owner. Her company, There She Glows has been up to something major! Where many can feel that cosmetic adornments such as lipstick and serums are unnecessary to your everyday life, Regilynn begs to differ. Over the past four years in business, hundreds of women from all different backgrounds and age groups have called There She Glows their “happy place”. What makes this place so desirable can simply be put like this… SKIN, SELF, & SOUL— the understanding , intersectionality, and augmenting of all three. This is what has helped so many gain a new wind of confidence in the city of Harrisburg, PA and beyond!

I’m a Black Woman cheering on other Black Women…

“I was raised by a dynamic Black Woman! PERIOD! That is why I grind the way I do. My mother has earned the highest scholastic achievements that are out there while facing adversities each and everyday because she is a SMART & GIFTED Black Woman in America [If you know, you know]! I remember watching her come home from her mentally draining job after a 16 hour day only to log on and continue to work despite the fatigue… because if she didn’t advocate for others, who would?? She has worked in higher ed most of her life, paving ways for young black and brown people. I honor her each day while she is living by cheering on and lifting up other people, but especially Black women.”

The Skincare

During a time when healers are needed most, There She Glows has risen to the occasion. This 5-star spa offers healing through purpose/soul work, crystal healing, touch therapy & sound therapy, skincare services and products. Regilynn has made it a point to meet people exactly where they are in their journey to a better self. She does this by offering many starting point options. When a potential client reaches out they can be advised to schedule a consultation, come in for a personalized shopping experience, or directed to shop She Is Skincare — a professionally curated skincare line focused on results and confidence building.

The Red Lip

“My mom always has a lip on! But her signature has always been red. Not to be extra— but the red lip was passed down to me. It signifies womanhood, passion, strength, and resilience! A good red lip is a confidence boost.”

“It’s my fav!”

Elyse Irving, Owner of La Cultura

Esthetician & MUA: R. HaywoodThere She Glows

Hair: Hairliners Beauty Salon

Styled by: R. Green

Products: (Face) She Is Perfect Finish Foundation, Amma Jo Shimmer Stick, She Is Cream Blush, (Lips) She Is Matte Lip in “Award Show”, (Eyes) She Is Full & Fabulous Mascara , (Brows) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder & Gel.

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