positivity, positive quotes, wellness, mood
positivity, positive quotes, wellness, mood

Lately, I have been missing your face. I have resorted to giving home facials to my family members and boyfriend. I find this so ironic because when I first started out, they were my only clients and now here I am again begging them to be a model. Life will always throw us curve balls but what’s most important is how we choose to swing at them… this will determine our outcome.

Be well & Choose Wellness.

“I spend my new found time taking A LOT more baths & listening to my fav playlist!”

bath, water, zen, bath essentials, bath time, skincare, soap, candles, relax, relaxation, spaPictured here are Miss There She Glows Bath-time Essentials (Right to Left): Handmade Soy Candle, She Is Skincare Facial Cleansing Oil (to shave legs), The Natural Pick Suga Mama Body Scrub, Another candle because… why not?!

“My goal is to still be of help to you & your skin during this time… how, you ask?!…”

esthetician, virtual skincare, virtual esthetician, skin, skincare, Harrisburg esthetician, Harrisburg spa, Harrisburg skincare

Whether you need to go over your current regimen or want to discuss new avenues you’d like to take with your skin, Let’s hop on a virtual consult call! For this month only I am offering this appointment for no charge to existing clients! In 30 minutes or less we will discuss ways in which we can collectively make your skin better.


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