A Year of Growth & Glow…

Things I Thought I Knew but Didn’t

Ready, set… CHANGE. If someone was to ask me, Reg (The Owner of There She Glows Skincare), “What is one thing you were not prepared for when it comes to starting a beauty-centric business?” I would say to them, change!

Some changes were as big as building a team and launching a skincare line and others as small as wardrobe alterations and diversified free time allowances. Change has been huge and though scary at times, I’ve found it to be a refreshing constant in the everyday existence of There She Glows. So welcome the change, and hold on to vision!

Things that I Would Have Done Differently

When people say to me that they wouldn’t change anything about what they did to get where they are now, I can’t help to think that’s a bunch of BS! I would a 90-minute full body massage if I could go back in time to simply believe in myself way sooner! I was going from dead-end idea, to low-paying job, to un-focused side hustles that seemed to only come with a side of XL great depression “to-go”. I found myself in the same place of despair, confusion, and mediocrity every single time with what it felt like… no escape. My one wish for every young and old entrepreneur alike, is to quit doubting and start doing. No one will believe in you unless you believe in yourself!

The Best Moments

Hands Down!!!! Midnight Beauty Brunch 2K18! I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Click Here to find out more about TSG’s 1st Annual Midnight Beauty Brunch!

The Worst Moments

Where do I begin? And… How much time do you have?

Let me simplify this, hardships are for certain. However, overcomers are for sure! You must be sure about the WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHO, HOW of your business. Once, this is solidified, the worst times will be overshadowed by all the possibilities! I mess up all the time, but I have found that if you remain professional, kind, and open to lessons… life will have mercy on you!

The Future!

The future of TSG Skincare is very bright! Please Follow us on all of our social media accounts to see what we have in store for the month of July and the rest of 2018!

I want to personally thank you for all your support and love as we grow and glow together!






Regilynn “Reg” Haywood

Owner/CEO of There She Glows Skincare

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