Go from Bored to Booked!

How to: Grow Your Specialty Service-Centric Business in 4 Steps.

Have you ever felt that you were facing an impossible task in growing your small business? Is your business service-centric? Are you ready to dust the cobwebs off of your appointment book? I can help you!

My name is Regilynn “Reg” Haywood and I am the owner and founder of There She Glows Skincare, a small one woman operating spa located in Harrisburg, PA. I moved back to my hometown of Harrisburg after becoming a licensed Esthetician in Atlanta, GA and before that I was completing a 4-year degree at The Pennsylvania State University (WE ARE!). Needless to say, no one in my town: 1) Knew where the heck I was at any given moment, and 2) Had no idea what the heck I was doing at any given moment. So I was faced with the task of building a clientele from the literal thin air. Keep reading to see how I did it and frankly half-assed it.


“Make it easy” sounds so easy right? WRONG! Seriously this is the first step and exactly where innovators mess up all the time. Let me paint a scenario… two vending machines stand side by side, the one on the right has “ok” snacks while the one on the left has Middlesworth BBQ kettle cooked chips (need I say more?). Your stomach is growling and you don’t have time for the foolery. The machine on the right is up and running. However, the machine on the left is out of order and unplugged. Are you going to call the number listed to fix the machine on the left? Are you gonna take the time to plug it in to see if it’s all a cruel joke? Or, are you just going to put your money in the conveniently running machine? I say all this to say:

  1. Fix your website! Your client shouldn’t go to an “under-construction” or cluttered page. (I created my website on Vistaprint)
  2. Put your booking links everywhere… EVERYWHERE!
  3. If you don’t have online-booking… get it! (I use acuity scheduling)
  4. When your clients have questions, answer them. If you don’t know the answer, google it!


I could paint another scenario but you probably wouldn’t read it, so I won’t. All I am going to say about this step is that as consumers we have a tendency to be drawn to attractive things: people in ads, colors used, clothes being worn, etc. You and the services you offer are no different! You must take the time to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, walk through your website as if it was your very first time. Design your social media posts like you have never logged onto a facebook page in your life. If you want your clientele to be diverse guess what? Your marketing must be that too! My holy grail to all marketing materials is Canva, to know about this marketing tool is to love it… you’re welcome!


I can’t tell you how many times I hear innovators complain about not receiving the monetary pay they are worth. It is super common, and yes I complain too! But let me be clear, I understand that in order to get somewhere you have to start somewhere. By making the service you offer your consumers cheaper for a moment you can draw them in and get them hooked, that is, if you’re actually good (LOL). Always and I mean always be running a special, a discount, a BOGO, a deal! That’s what most people want… something for nothing. And I know you are like okay Reg, how do I make my money then? Lean in really close and let me whisper this in your ear… add-ons. Service add-ons, ADD UP! Don’t sleep on them and know how to sell them in your treatment room.


The more you see ads about Papa John’s the more likely you are to turn to your boyfriend and ask him to go get you a two for one pizza from Papa John’s. It’s common sense really; you must be everywhere at all times. Comment on people’s statuses, post daily, multiple times in the day, be the topic of conversation in your community. I am not saying to troll your friends and family online but any opportunity you see to promote, take it! People pay attention to those who are getting attention… it’s weird! 

I hope my steps give you the stride to take your service-centric small business to the next level. Be sure to follow me on my social media accounts @theresheglowssc for more tips and ridiculous scenarios. (See how I just shamelessly plugged myself there? you got this!)

Until next posting, xoxo

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